Publication Ethics


The Editorial Board of the Journal has implemented publication policies to ensure that ethical and responsible research is published.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

In our publishing activity we rely on legislative standards about authorship set by Russian Federation Laws and International Publication Ethics.

The main contents our publication policies aimed at identifying misconduct such as possible data fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, image manipulation, unethical research, biased reporting, authorship abuse, redundant or duplicate publication, and undeclared conflicts of interest.


The Editorial Board provides policy that specifies authorship and

responsibilities of authors:


The all authors must sign statement that:

all authors have significantly contributed to the research

and all the data in their article are real and authentic, 

that the manuscript as submitted is not under consideration or accepted for publication elsewhere 

(see more Author’s Agreement and Author’s License Contract).


Submitting a manuscript to the Journal

the authors obliged to participate in peer review process

and to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes 

(see more Peer-Review and Guide for Authors). 



The Editorial Board provides policy that specifies peer review process and

responsibilities of reviewers:   


The reviewer should be objective, reviewing the manuscript correctly, in a timely manner.

The reviewer should have no conflict of interest (financial, institutional, collaborative or other) with respect to the research, the authors and the research funders.

If necessary, the reviewer may decline from the manuscript evaluation for the reasons of conflict interests.

The reviewer should point out the relevant published works that are not yet quoted by the author.

The reviewer should to maintain the confidentiality of any information supplied by the editor or author.


The Editorial Board provides policy that specifies 

 responsibilities of editors:


The editors should to act in a balanced and objective way while carrying out their expected duties. 

The editors have complete responsibility for the content of the Journal and the quality of the published articles, 

when errors are found, the editors should to promote publication of correction or retraction.

The editors have authority to reject/accept an article.

The editors should have no conflict of interest (financial, institutional, collaborative or other)  with respect to article they reject/accept. 

Articles are considered and accepted solely on their academic merit and without commercial influence.

The editor should to maintain the confidentiality of any information supplied by the reviewer or author.

The editor should to preserve the anonymity of reviewers.


Responsibilities of Editorial Board:


The Editorial Board provides monitoring of publishing ethics.

The Editorial Board publishes instructions concerning the entire editorial work

(Guidelines for retracting articles, Instructions for the review process  and so on).

The Editorial Board guarantees the compliance with the above rules.


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